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Although Elmore Country Search and Rescue (ECSAR) was initially founded in the 1970’s the group that exists today was formed in 1994 under the direction of the Elmore County Sheriff. ECSAR operates under the direction of the sheriff and we serve at his will ECSAR operates within the boundaries of Elmore County which is nearly 4000 square miles. ECSAR may assist other search and rescue units outside Elmore County with the permission of the sheriff ECSAR may not at anytime self-dispatch, train, or operate in any rescue capacity without the permission of the Elmore County Sheriff ECSAR is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization, in association with the Idaho State Search and Rescue Association.

ECSAREvery time a hiker is lost in the woods, the local news stations will no doubt show images of helicopters buzzing overhead, German Shepherds sniffing the forest floor and scores of people combing the woods in search of clues. This brief bit of insight into the world of search and rescue (SAR) teams are about all the general public ever sees. In reality, SAR goes way beyond these glimpses on the news -- it's an extensive emergency service performed by highly trained specialists, local law enforcement and civilian volunteers (read MORE!).ECSAR