Elmore County Search and Rescue

Elmore County Search and RescueThank you to all the Elmore County crew, Sheriff Elom, the guys from Life Flight, Elmore County Search an Rescue crew, the Marie’s! This is Ashley Nalder, we are the 3 amigos who braved through the cold night after crashing into the buffalo rapid tree an flipped the raft into the roaring waters. I’m so grateful to be alive, all you guys gave us things to recover from the madness, waters, Gatorade, food bars, a blanket, sunscreen an even chapstick lol. Richard, Brandon and I are doing well, no broken bones, but just some sore muscles , cuts an bruises. These wounds will heal, the memory of the accident will always remain in our hearts. Thank you all who came to the rescue an stayed with me an drove my friend back to Danskin bridge to his truck so we could go home. It was a crazy journey , but blessed to be home recovering. We appreciate all of you! From Ashley, Richard and Brandon (7/2016).

ELMORE COUNTY SEARCH & RESCUE PERSONNEL ARE THE BEST! I am the mother of Clinton Anderson and the aunt of Darrell Heath, two of the three rafters that Elmore County Search & Rescue rescued off the South Fork of the Boise River last Saturday morning. I want you to know how grateful our entire family is for your help. Clint, Darrell and Terry are not only grateful for your expertise and unselfish donation of time and resources, but the high level of professionalism and empathy shown. Clint fully expected the “dressing down” of his life. Was he surprised to see sandwiches, water and smiles!!!!

I am one of the three dudes you plucked out of the South Fork yesterday. I just wanted to extend another huge shout out to all your folks. You guys were superb! On top of that, everybody was so cool and nonchalant about the whole deal. I was totally expecting to get ripped a new one when we got out. I already was a big fan of Search and Rescue organization before but an even bigger one now.

Thank you for your dedication and professionalism in rescuing our son in law and friends from the canyon yesterday. You made our family feel cared for and more at ease during a very emotional and tense day. We knew from the start that their lives were in good hands. When we pulled up in the dark and heard you planning but joking and being at ease with each other but serious about the task ahead, we knew you would work together as a team and do your best. Thank you for bringing them back to us safely!

To the Elmore County Search and Rescue Staff and Volunteers: Thank you for your quick and professional response to our call for help during the snow storm that caused us to get lost on our snowmobiles on Bennett Mountain on March 20, 2011. We were very impressed and thankful for the volunteers who, without a disparaging remark about our ill-advised ride, put aside their Sunday events and organized the search for Craig Noll in terrible weather conditions. We have nothing but the highest regard for the Elmore County Sheriff’s Dept. and the Elmore County Search and Rescue, including the Pine-Featherville ambulance crew. We are very thankful for the outcome and will be forever grateful for your help!

I wanted to give a huge thanks to you for assisting with our difficult situation yesterday. Our dog Rigby suffered from heat stroke while on a hike near Teapot. Your response and assistance helped locate our exploring children and getting our 4 legged friend off the side of the hill. Unfortunately he passed away this morning after our local Small Animal Medical Center did everything to treat him. We are so thankful for Deputy Pickering for his quick response and coordination, and the Elmore County Search and Rescue team.

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